Thinx Period Panties

Let me introduce you to period panties invented by a woman.  The panties are created by a company called Thinx. I had my doubts at first when I saw the advertisement then I watched the video below.


After watching the video I did a little more research including the options of panties they offered.  See below:


Then I went back into some more research and saw the short film by the Co-Founder.  This is what made me go back the website and pick out the pair of panties I wanted to try.  After all I was contributing to helping women in 3rd-world countries who have a greater problems with having their period than most of us in America.

After finding out what their return policies was I ended up buying the thong titled for “lightest days” and it arrived in a short number of  days.  This could be really helpful for someone wanted to get an order in as soon as possible whether they were packing last minute for a trip or needed them immediately for an inconsistent period visit.  A return shipping label was also enclosed in the package- if needed.  The thong was surprisingly more comfortable than I thought.  The choice of material and the engineering of making the protective layers feel seemingly weightless is very impressive.  I had no issues with leakage and my concern of the weight similar to a pad is non-existent.

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There is no doubt that I will be buying more and trying other styles.  I highly recommend at least trying these out.  What do you have to lose besides possibly no longer using products you hate?  Maybe you’re still on the fence and wondering  “how do I clean them?”  Well they have that figured out too.

See below:




If it doesn’t help you period better we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.