Caffeine Fixed

I used to drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day.  I loved the smell. I loved the taste.  When I toured with bands it was the one thing I looked forward to at each pit stop and especially first thing in the morning after a long night.  I even remember a summer that Rockstar Energy started selling iced coffee- I was all over it and remember even getting others hooked on it.  Ice cold convenient coffee in a can at any fuel station.

Fast forward to less touring; I started two new businesses and worked out daily.  My coffee intake slowly transitioned into energy drinks for the start of my day and one prior to my workout.  Over time I realized I started getting really bad headaches from the energy drinks.  I was also drinking less coffee as I started paying attention more to how my body felt after each cup and it wasn’t great.  I threw the energy drinks aside later but I felt like there has to be a better subsitute.

I tried my first pre-workout when I got back into a daily bootcamp class and changed any desire I had of coffee to white coffee.  I only found one roaster online and started ordering it from them directly.  At this time I was at one cup of white coffee in the morning and a pre-workout at lunch(bootcamp class).  I noticed a big difference in how my body felt but also my mind.  The energy between my mind and body was noticeable different in a good way. Maybe about 6-months later I got rid of coffee all together.  My plan was to get rid of coffee all together because of how dependent I felt my body was on it.  If I could really only handle the white coffee I was limited on where I could get it.  So I started transitioning back to only herbal tea for my morning routine while also recognizing the nutritional benefits compared to the coffee.

During the time of giving coffee the boot I started to get into supplements more. I had a personal trainer who educated me on the different supplements, nutrition and hydration.   The caffeine dehydrating me along with my training and keeping better track of my intake.  I tried a variety of different brands of proteins, pre-workouts and BAAs  I switch out products as I tested them in my performance but how I felt overall.  I could really feel a difference in my mind/body connection during my weight training in specific products.  I was still unsure when it came to the protein to really taking on a product that I enjoyed drinking and it wasn’t filled with a whole bunch of other ingredients such as unnecessary sugar or other flavors.

Now I have found a protein and fat loss/energy supplement from the same company.  The cost is far less than any other brand I’ve tried without impacting the quality. I take one of the keto supplements in the morning and it’s enough caffeine for my morning and the best part is I’ve cut out all the sugar from my coffee cocktail.  I drink the True Whey Protein after I finish getting ready in the morning and after my lunch break workout.  I just started drink it with Almond Milk and it’s definitely got me hooked now!

I’ve basically supplemented my latte routine to something more beneficial to my training but overall the most important part is I feel better.  You should always listen to what you are eating whether you like it or not and how it makes your body feel.  There is no other protein I’ve had to compare to this and what I like the most is it doesn’t have a frothy/chalk texture.  20190421_2021154175799846023545254.jpg

The photo on the right features what I’m currently using.  I know trying new products are sometimes a risk but here is a discount code to save some money to try it out.  If you end up ordering it send me a shout on Instagram!  I want to know what you think.

 Fireline Strong

Discount Code: ORR